Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! - los invitados más 'Blow' de la gala inaugural

[ The Somerset House, Londres - 19/11/2013. ]

 Grace Jones.

 Mary J. Blige & Liberty Ross.

 Aura Dione.

 Rupert Everett.
 Manolo Blanik.

 Daphne Guinness.

 Gareth Pugh.


 Grace Jones & Philip Treacy.

Judy Blame.

  Hilary Alexander.

 Duggie Fields.

 Jasmine Guinness.

 Nick Rhodes & Maria "Nefer" Suvio.

Condesa Debbie von Bismarck.

+ info sobre la exposición:

2 comentarios:

bimbodimamma dijo...

The lady with Nick Rhodes is NOT his ex-wife Julie Anne, it is Maria "Nefer" Suvio, his girlfriend!!

Colby Co dijo...

Ups! I am so sorry! Thank you very much for your comment. I've already changed.